Ottawa Citizen July 15, 1978







I was visiting with friends one hot summer day in July when someone arrived with an old WWI gas mask. On impulse, I asked to borrow it and phoned The Ottawa Citizen to tell them I was planning a demonstration on the Sparks Street Mall.

I was happy to see it appear in The Citizen the next Day. It’s impossible to change the Past, and in retrospect, I wished I had included religious pollution in the list. There’s too much of that in Judaism, Christianity and Islam at War over the same One God of Abraham, especially in the Middle East.

I long forgot about that public record until after the 1st Gulf War to oust Saddam from Kuwait 13 years later in 1991. There is no denying the 1991 Gulf War was a prime example of economic, military and political pollution.

It is just one more unusual coincidence in my life that war took place 13 years after this record  with my #13 jersey. The main concern leading up to that war was gas masks.

The economic, military, political, religious pollution and Public complacency continues to this very Day.

NOTICE: The following video has actual graphic scenes of revolting, disgusting, fearful, sickening violence, evil, and the depravity of man’s brutality toward man from the Past. This is not for the weak heart-ed.

If we cannot face the evils from our Past, and learn from them Today, we will be ill-equipped to deal with them in the Tomorrows of the Future if humanity does not changes it’s values and ways.

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