The Spirit of John the Baptist

Four years ago, Kris, a former resident of Hotel De Ville Street staged the 1st John the Baptist Block Party. It was a wonderfully memorable event for all present thanks to his initiative and efforts. It was a gloriously beautiful Sunny Day. The Bread Crumbs, the B Boys who danced for our entertainment and their own free pleasure then, are being paid to perform at this year’s Official CanaDa Day Celebrations. They received their reward.

In May & June, the biggest manufacturing company in the National Capital District sent me to St. Jean Sur Richelieu south of Montreal a total of 8 times on  Direct Drive Courier jobs which is good work when you can get it.

Looking at my Life and the world through the Spiritual Prism of Faith in The Spirit of God, I took it as a sign it is Time for the 2nd John The Baptist Block Party.

This Time it is my pleasure to Host a Block Party for the residents of my street on the occasion of Quebec’s Fete Nationale, formerly known as Le Fete de St. Jean Bapitste, the forerunner to the new way of doing things in this world.

It may be a Divine experience for all who attend judging by the signs and anticipation expressed by those planning to attend, both residents and non-residents of the Street.

In my 69 years, I have lived on many Streets – from Montreal to Halifax, Moncton, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Nanaimo on the Island, to Whitehorse in the Yukon, Pheonix, Arizona and Venice Beach, California. I feel more at home here than on any street before. I have found my Personal Pavilion of Peace on Hotel De Ville Street having come full circle.

The statistics of this Blog tell me as of this changing moment over 40,000 people from 159 Countries have read 1 article or more. Wherever you are in this world, if you have any friends in the Ottawa area with a talent who would be willing to get on stage and contribute an International Flavor to what appears to be shaping up to be the realization of the Spirit beyond the Letter, please send them this link and invite them to participate.

Our own resident DJ JC Boom and friend at one of his Professional gigs

The BBQ part of the Party for the residents and friends of Hotel De Ville St. was supposed to start at 4pm. That was delayed until 6 pm, when the rain lightened up somewhat and the protection for the expensive equipment was in place.

This is a small clip from my cell phone of the beginning of the party as a light rain fell. The Spirit only got better for those present. Just the fact 60 people showed up and braved the elements raining on an outdoor party is Testament to the Spirit that brought us together.  A sudden, heavy downpour at 10:30 pm brought everything to a necessary and immediate stop just as the Break Dancers were about to perform.

In the words of John The Baptist, “I indeed baptize you with water………………..” Matthew 3