On May 2, 1978, The Ottawa Citizen published a column by Special Correspondent Joseph Kraft headed, “Radicals in Check – Islamic Revival No Threat To West.”

Mr. Kraft served President Kennedy as a speechwriter, and was well connected to the powerful decision makers in Washington, getting his information directly from the Horse’s mouth so to speak.

Mr. Kraft’s May 2, 1978 article can be read here:    Radicals in Check  Islamic revival no threat to West

I wrote the following letter to The Ottawa Citizen in reply to his column, sending a copy to all the Party Leaders in Parliament and the heads of all Religions in CanaDa, Jewish, Christian and Muslim, including every Prince of the Roman Catholic Church. The Citizen did not print it, and the only one to acknowledge it personally was the Rt. Hon. Joe Clark, Leader of the Official Opposition at the time.

It is only with the benefit of 33 years hindsight can it be seen Today’s world has generally evolved along it’s lines. While the projections were inspired by Biblical terms in 1978, the details are being reported in secular terms by the mass media Today.

Two weeks before the 2006 Israeli-Lebanon war, I personally handed a copy directly to General Rick Hillier, the former Chief of the Defence Staff of CanaDa at Beechwood Cemetery in Ottawa after a Military Funeral for a young Canadian killed in Afghanistan.

Coincidentally, on that Time Line two years later, I was working as a contract worker for the Department of National Defence out the bowels of the National Printing Bureau on Rue Sacre-Coeur (Sacred Heart) in Hull. In fact, the building was designed by Ernest Cormier who also designed The Supreme Court of CanaDa. Being lowest on the Totem Pole, co-incidentally, I was let go by DND earlier on the same day General Hillier quit or was pushed out as CDS. That is still a matter of speculation.

I met him at the door to the CTV studio in downtown Ottawa 3 days later as he was entering to be interviewed on his separation from DND service, and he distinctly recalled the letter and our brief meeting two years earlier.

I wrote to both Joe Clark and General Hillier twice with the request they make some kind of generic, non committal comment confirming the basic Truth of this report, but didn’t get a reply from either person to my email and obviously they have not commented here.

Click on any image to expand and be able to read the script.

It was a surprise to me to discover the symbol I mention in my handwriting is the plaque of the Architects and builders of the House of Commons which is The Star of David.

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  1. Iowa Citizens – Thought this might encourage you

    Hey if I was one of those proud, arrogant, shifty-eyed dudes in a dark suit and sunglasses, ridin’ in a cavalcade of chauffer driven limos an’ sit’n’ on a honkin’ huge pile of cash that I was unwilling to share with the neediest of souls, I’d be feelin’ rather intimidated by that Jesus character. But hey, I ain’t rich, Jesus Rocks, and I ain’t never seen a Brinks truck follow’n’ a Hearse. I might be half left but I’m all right in Jesus’ sight


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