I started this Blog in February 2011 and in 11 months there were 14,131 views on the articles posted up to that Time. In 2012 there were 25,000 views.

Even though people were not looking for my Blog, it turned up in the results of many different Google search terms. I was covering a lot of different subjects.

That all changed in 2013 when Google changed their algorithm and my Blog no longer showed up in Google results. Views plummeted 2/3 and having been going down ever since. To this Day of 2021, there is a total of 1509 views of so many more articles for the whole year.

In my own estimation, one of the most important, significant and informative articles in my Blog is SIGNS OF THE TIMES even though I now realize it’s too long for most people to read, digest and understand all the implications.

Even though Google has the most sophisticated Web Crawler of them all, “SIGNS OF THE TIMES” with quotation marks doesn’t even show up in the search results and that’s unusual.

It’s not that Google hides me. Searching for “ray joseph cormier” with the quotes, turns up over 30 pages of results on my Internet footprint, and that doesn’t include some 10,000 comments and analysis on the unfolding Realities in the rapidly changing News cycle in The Washington Post and other places.

That reality has discouraged me from writing for a while, but that has to change, especially shortening the reports. I haven’t figured out a new format and style yet, but for starters, this is what I see unfolding reading recent news as posted to my Public FaceBook page.

November 11

Video of Pierre Trudeau 53 years ago, saying in Washington, living next door to the US is like sleeping with an elephant. No matter “how friendly and even-tempered” it is, in CanaDa, we feel every twitch and grunt.

That was when the US was still friendly and even tempered.

The American Carnage Trump introduced with his 1st Presidential speech, is taking root on American Streets inciting an American MOB Mentality of WE vs THEY at all costs.

It will be much different from the Time when CanaDa sheltered Americans wanting to get away from the American War on Vietnam.

This Time, Americans will be seeking Refugee Status in CanaDa to escape crazy, American Style, Homemade Domestic Terrorism. Almost everybody has guns, many of them made for War.

I’m not the only person that sees it. The government won’t/can’t openly warn and prepare Canadians for that very real possibility until it’s too late and has no choice but to address and deal with it when it will be much more difficult.

Will Canadians be Spiritually, Mentally and Emotionally strengthened to deal with it then?

I’ve often thought if WWIII/Armageddon comes, no one will have to go to it. It will unfold all around us if WE the People, consent to it by our Silence.

In that chaos, The Lord will save only those who call on him, not those who don’t!

Long before I unexpectedly, and to my great Wonder and surprise, came alive to the Christ in me, the fundamental active belief of Christianity itself, I was a labourer for the Foundation Company of CanaDa on the Distant Early Warning line in 1963, when it was the 1st radar warning line of a surprise Soviet attack over the North Pole.

The Foundation is laid, but the Line is no longer Distant, and it’s getting Late!

I knew I wouldn’t have much Time, but these are the choice words interjected into the Official Remembrance Day Ceremonies November 11, 1985, in the hearing of the Governor-General, the Prime Minister, The Military Brass, the Ambassadors of the Nations and the Public. The Americans and Soviets were shouting at each other in PUBLIC.

“Hear O people and Nations, even to the ends of the Earth, the Word of the LORD God, who is, and was, and is to come, The Almighty.The LORD has a controversy with the people.

Do you do well to honour the dead, and yet, deny the God of the Living? Why do you follow the vain traditions of men, and make of no effect, the Principles of God?

You come here for one hour, one day a year, in a great show of Public Patriotism, and then forgetting, go back to work and make the same careless mistakes made by the generations prior to the 1st and 2nd World Wars.

Hitler is dead, but it’s his legacy that remains. A Soviet-American military-industrial complex consuming $trillions of dollars every year, holding the entire World hostage…………

“Hostage” was the last word said perched on a bus shelter roof, as police got up and grabbed the megaphone. I was arrested for shouting, causing a disturbance, convicted and fined $250. I appealed without a lawyer to The Supreme Court of Canada.

The Status Quo hasn’t changed in 36 years except now it’s a Russian-American-Chinese Military-Industrial Complex taking more money away from Civilian NEEDS than ever before. There’s only One Direction that will bring your Children and Grand Children in the FUTURE.

The biggest tragedy I see is, it seems People just don’t care as they escape in their Smart phones while remaining Dumb on what’s really important.

November 13

Beirut Lebanon in the Past, was known as The Paris of the Middle East.

“Some rich people who trusted the banks blindly were pushed to middle class status, while people in the middle class joined the ranks of the working class or the poor. The poor did not lose money in the banks, but living conditions in Lebanon are harder than ever and basic living necessities are more expensive than they have ever been.”

People stand in line at the banks to receive whatever arbitrary and meagre cash amounts the banks allow, and at a great loss to depositors.”

THE ANGRY ARAB: Saudis Provoke Another Lebanese Crisis

Within 2 weeks of 9/11, the US came out with WAR PLANS to change the regimes of Iraq, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, and at THE END, Iran.

We can see the result. Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Lebanon are now FAILED States, while the nominally Christian Nations that inflicted all the Damage, resent the Refugees from the US led destructive Wars arriving in Europe.

Jesus was crucified for overturning the tables on the Bankers and Merchants working the Shopping Mall in the Temple in a Kosher deal with the Priests.

Since then, under the Establishment Christian Religion, the Bankers and Merchants made such a big comeback in the last 2000 years, their BIGGEST money making Season is Christmas, and no one sees anything wrong with that picture.

Everyone knows the implication in the adage, “The Writing’s on the Wall!”

It comes from the account of ancient Babylon, the 1st Nation to reach Military-Economic Superpower Status, Daniel 5 in his Book in the Book of Books, describes a great feast or State Dinner, the king put on for 1000 of the ELITE of the kingdom and they praised the gods of gold, silver, brass, iron, wood and stone some 2600 years ago.

From THEN to NOW, it’s ‘The Economy, Stupid!’ and the ELITE are still the ELITE.

Ancient Babylon is now called Iraq. The US is this World’s latest, greatest Nation to achieve Military-Economic Superpower status, and also the shortest lived of the Superpowers of History.

The Tail struck the Head, leading to this World’s tightening Economic Straitjacket.

The Lord does work in mysterious ways it is often said. A Fundamental Tenant of the Jewish, Christian and Muslim Religions say ‘Vengeance belongs to God, and God will repay.’ What is happening in Lebanon now, will be coming the Christian Economies sooner than most people DARE think!

Still, for those who keep the Faith, they will know the Peace and Joy of the Resurrected Christ, no matter how desperate it becomes on Earth

All who seek You shall exult and rejoice; those who love Your salvation shall constantly say, “May the Lord be magnified.”


  1. You’ve written an eerie account of things that seem to be coming. …

    Regarding Donald Trump’s election loss and the Jan.6 Capitol Hill insurrection, I seriously doubt the majority of the rioters were gullible enough to have actually believed Donald Trump was cheated out of an election win. It is quite possible most of the rioters maintain(ed) that line as an excuse for their attempt to overturn Joe Biden’s (apparently quite) legitimate electoral win — or at least make it as unpleasant as possible, as witnessed on Jan. 6.

    Long before the last election day, Trump was saying he may not respect a Biden win, as though preparing his voter base for his inevitable refusal to leave office, whatever the vote-count results may be. Some people say there was electoral fraud committed — in Trump’s FAVOR, in the 2020 and 2016 presidential elections. They simply find it unfathomable that so many Americans had voted for him both times (and especially last November after experiencing his first term helter skelter). They have no real evidence to back up their claim, except for the fact that Hilary had ‘lost’ in 2016 and Donald garnered 70 million or so votes — results that were impossible unless electoral fraud was committed.

    The rioters (and Trump) may simply have been enraged enough at his defeat by the supposedly ‘socialist’ Biden (which he definitely is not) they were now going to raise hell. They may have consciously or subconsciously believed he has to remain in office for some perceived greater good (e.g., to ‘save the nation’, etcetera), regardless of Trump’s democratically decided election loss. It may be a case of that potentially very dangerous philosophy: ‘the end justifies the means’. The most frightful example of that philosophical justification is/was the pogrom, the primary implementers of which know they’re committing mass murder yet still genuinely perceive it all as part of an ultimately greater good.

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    1. Trump told his devoted worshippers in his Cult of Personality to come to Washington on January 6, the Day of the legal certification of Biden’s win, saying it will be “wild!”
      On January 5, Trump supporter Steve Bannon said in his podcast, “All hell is going to break loose tomorrow. Just understand this. All hell is going to break loose tomorrow. It’s gonna be moving. It’s gonna be quick.”

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  2. Re: “Know Jesus, Know Peace” …

    Jesus must be spinning in heaven knowing what atrocious behavior is linked to Christ-ianity.
    Regardless of his rightful human anger with the money-changers in Jerusalem’s Holy Temple at Passover, Christ unmistakably emphasized love, compassion and non-violence — especially towards ALL children — the opposite of what enables the most horrible acts of human cruelty to occur on this planet.

    All scripture was written by human beings who, I believe, unwittingly created God’s nature in their own fallible and often-enough angry, vengeful image. (This helps explain why those authors’ Maker has to be male.) Too many of today’s institutional Christians believe and/or vocally behave likewise.

    I, a believer in Christ’s miracles, can imagine many Christians even finding inconvenient, if not annoying, trying to reconcile the conspicuous inconsistency in the fundamental nature of the New Testament’s Jesus with the wrathful, vengeful and even jealous nature of the Old Testament’s Creator. (Really, why couldn’t Jesus have been one who’d enjoy a belly-shaking laugh over a good joke with his disciples, now and then?)

    While I don’t believe that God required blood and pain ‘payment’, from Jesus or anyone else, I do know that the creator’s animals have had their blood literally shed and bodies eaten in mindboggling quantities by Man. And maybe the figurative forbidden fruit of Eden eaten by Adam and Eve was actually God’s four-legged creation. I can see that really angering the Almighty, and a lot more than the couple’s eating non-sentient, non-living, non-bloodied fruit. I’ve noticed that mainstream Christianity doesn’t speak up much at all about what we, collectively, have done to animals for so long.

    (Also, does the Almighty really need or desire to be worshipped? Could not “houses of worship” actually have been meant for the parishioners, divinely intended to be for the soul what health clinics/spas, even hospitals, are for the body and mind? And perhaps the Ten Commandments were/are not meant to obey in order to appease/please God but rather intended for His human creation’s benefit, to keep people safe and healthy.)

    For me, the irony remains that some of the best humanitarians I’ve met or heard about were/are atheists or agnostics who would make better examples of many of Christ’s teachings than too many institutional Christians, i.e. those most resistant to Christ’s fundamental teachings of compassion and non-wealth. Conversely, some of the worst human(e) beings I’ve met or heard about are the most devout practitioners of institutional Christian theology.

    It seems that when a public person openly fantasizes about world peace, a guaranteed minimum income and/or a clean global environment, many conservative ‘Christians’ reactively presume that person must therefore be Godless thus evil or, far worse, a socialist. This, despite a big chunk of Christ’s own teachings epitomizing the primary component of socialism — do not hoard morbidly superfluous wealth in the midst of poverty.

    Just the concept of socialists having any power anywhere on the planet likely causes distress to most Republicans. Some may become so narrow-mindedly enraged by it, they, with their tightened fist trembling before them, will utter: ‘I would vote for the devil himself if that’s what it took to keep those Godless socialists out of office!’ …

    Thank you, Ray Joseph Cormier, for your very interesting article and for allowing me to thoroughly comment on it.

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    1. We think and reason alike.

      One can know the Bible by heart, and not know the heart of God. Jesus testifies to this by these recorded words and ideas,
      You hypocrites, well did Esaias prophesy of you, saying,
      This people draws close to me with their mouth, and honours me with their lips; but their heart is far from me.
      But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.

      The Literate can understand those Words of the Christ are not addressed to those who don’t believe in him, the Atheists and Agnostics, but to those who CLAIM to Believe.

      As for Knowing Jesus and Knowing Peace, The Resurrected Christ says, ‘Search the scriptures; for in them you think you have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me.’

      And the Lord said, Whereunto then shall I liken the men of this generation? and to what are they like?
      They are like to children sitting in the marketplace, and calling one to another, and saying, We have piped unto you, and you have not danced; we have mourned to you, and you have not wept.

      For John the Baptist came neither eating bread nor drinking wine; and you say, He has a devil.
      The Son of man is come eating and drinking; and you say, Behold a gluttonous man, and a wine bibber, a friend of publicans and sinners!
      But wisdom is justified of all her children.

      In other words, we’re damned if we do and we’re damned if we don’t! So for God’s sake, do something!

      As for Socialists, the 1st Century Christians lived a God led communistic life style according to Acts.
      And all that believed were together, and had all things common;
      And sold their possessions and goods, and parted them to all men, as every man had need.
      Acts 2:44-45
      And the multitude of them that believed were of one heart and of one soul: neither said any of them that ought of the things which he possessed was his own; but they had all things common.
      Acts 4:32

      In the Final analysis, for every Individual, it’s between you and God. It was never between you and them anyway.

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      1. Re: John the Baptist …

        I sometimes wonder whether the general human need for retributive justice can be intrinsically linked to the same terribly flawed aspect of humankind that enables the most horrible acts of violent cruelty to readily occur on this planet, perhaps not all of which we learn about.)

        From my understanding: Judaism’s messiah is reflective of the unambiguously fire-and-brimstone angry-God creator of the Torah, Quran and Old Testament. The Judaic messiah is essentially one who will come liberate his people from their enemies, which logically consists of some form of violence, before ruling over every nation on Earth. This left even John the Baptist, who believed in Jesus as the savior, troubled by Jesus’ apparently contradictory version of Messiah, notably his revolutionary teaching of non-violently offering the other cheek as the proper response to being physically assaulted by one’s enemy.

        Maybe Jesus was viciously killed because he did not in the least behave in accordance to corrupted human conduct and expectation — and in particular because he was nowhere near to being the vengeful, wrathful behemoth so many people seemingly wanted or needed their savior to be and therefore believed he’d have to be.

        Perhaps needless to say, I believe that Christ was/is intended in large part to show humankind what Messiah ought to and needs to be; to prove to people that there really was/is hope for the many — especially for young people living in today’s physical, mental and spiritual turmoil — perceiving hopelessness in an otherwise fire-and-brimstone angry-God-condemnation creator. Fundamentally, of course, that definitely includes resurrection.

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