As a Canadian, I had already been searching for the American Spirit of ´76 for 10 months. While staying in Venice Beach, California, some people convinced me I had to go with them to a Rainbow Family Festival on the 4th of July in the mountains of Big Sky Country, Montana.

There were six adults with two children on our laps as we headed North to the Canadian border and then East to Montana in an old car. Unfortunately, the transmission failed within 300 miles of leaving, and it took all the money we had to get it fixed. There was still 1000 miles to go.

Fortunately for us, we met Angels along the way who put gas in the tank and fed us. We arrived at the gathering spot late at night July 3rd. The actual meeting site was a hike of several miles deep into the canyon.

The next day, July 4th, we started the trek on a narrow trail along a steep canyon. On leaving Venice, a Southern Belle I met dumped the contents of a big basket into the bottom half of my back pack and by the weight of it, Marines don´t carry such a heavy load on their back. I had no idea what was in it.

Arriving at a wide clearance in the canyon, it was almost like arriving at the Sermon on the Mount. There may have been 3000 people there from all over the U.S. attentively listening to whoever held the Council Stick. Different people had different messages to share, but as a Canadian attending my 1st July 4th celebration, I was moved to contribute.

Lifting up the Council Stick and my own stick which I still have to this Day, over my head, I said, ¨In one hand I hold the Council Stick and in the other hand another stick.¨ On saying this, I was surprised and filled with wonder as a person in the 1st circle around me said to another, ¨He has the stick of Judah and the stick of Joseph¨ described in Ezekiel 37. Like many other words laid on my ears by others over the years, I could only lay them up in my heart and patiently wait and see what God has planned?

I continued, ¨As I traveled through this great land meeting many good people everywhere I went, I received a vision for America. I watched as the world turned. The Nations and the peoples were marked according to their borders. The whole planet was in tones of grey, white and black with no colour anywhere in the earth.

After several revolutions, I saw the United States of America come up on the horizon covered with the colours of the Old Glory, the only Nation with colour. Again I watched as the world turned. Again, after several revolutions, the United States of America came up over the horizon.

As it passed, from the United States shot up fireworks, confetti and party streamers as the American People shouted with one joyous voice, Surprise World! After a time, the whole earth was covered with the colours of the New Glory.¨

As the people came down from the mountain, I had leaned my back pack against a fallen dead tree and said, ¨ Happy Birthday America. In my back pack I have some beads, exotic stones and other good things with which you can make a peace offering to a mother, father, brother, sister, son, daughter, friend, lover or enemy. Take only what you need and don´t be greedy. There is enough for all.¨

A crowd about 25 people deep gathered around but only the few at the front could search through the many wonderful things the woman dumped in my pack.

After everyone got something, it seemed there was still half left that I gave away or traded for goods and services on The Way to Kansas City.

For our future common good, I hope this vision comes into reality.

Happy Birthday to our American friends and neighbours!

4 thoughts on “4TH OF JULY IN THE SPIRIT OF ’76

    1. Nick, How can I compare it! The woman who gave me the beads, stones and other interesting items told me after the fact she had a sense they were for doing what I did with them.

      The Spirit with thousands of people isolated deep in a Canyon was one of Peace, Joy & Love and Unity in Community. It was a wonderful 1 Day experience in my Life.


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