And the fourth angel poured out his vial upon the sun; and power was given unto him to scorch men with fire. And men were scorched with great heat, and blasphemed the name of God, which has power over these plagues: and they repented not to give him glory     

Revelation 16: 8-9                   

The sweltering heatwave of the last few weeks helped make this year the hottest on record so far, officials revealed. The last 12 months also have been the warmest in the continental United States since modern record-keeping began in 1895, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Do wild weather, heat waves, and torrential rains add up to climate change? As a Canadian resident of the Great White North, I have noticed the last few Winters have brought less snow and milder temperatures than I can remember in my 69 years. This was more noticeable to me since I drive for a living. I like that although the skiers may not. If current trends continue, CanaDa may be in the best position possible among all the Nations, with a temperate climate change on the way that may open up our Northern Land to settlement and development. CanaDa has one of the biggest, uninhabited, undeveloped frontiers in all the world. The debate continues whether Global Warming or Climate Change is a totally natural phenomenon or does the industrial machine and human activity exacerbate the situation? Environmental Science is only now finding more and more evidence and data to support the notion humanity may be the author of it’s own demise.

Chris Hedges: Corporate Capitalism Will Quite Literally Kill Us

Long before CanaDa and the industrial machine existed, when our rivers, lakes and streams were still crystal clear, my personal reference Bible was printed in 1855. The  references from Revelation juxtaposed with the images come from that 1855 Book long before Environmental Science existed. It is the same edition on which Presidents Lincoln & Obama took their Oath of Office. The imagery in the Bible’s Book of Revelation only the wilfully blind could dismiss out of hand without thinking, weighing and considering. We have all seen the disturbing images of dead fish in the toxic chemical brew dumped in our lakes and rivers by the industrial machine to reduce the cost as if there is no decent respect for posterity. We all know this is going on, but for the love of money and the things it buys, it is allowed to continue for jobs. We do this clinging to the delusion we are building a better world and Future for our children but the world is heading in the opposite direction. Video-whale-beaching

And the third part of the creatures which were in the sea, and had life,  died;……and the third part of the waters became wormwood;  Revelation 8:9-11  

And the second angel sounded, and as it were a great mountain burning with fire was cast into the sea: and the third part of the sea became blood                                      Revelation 8:8 

The writer of the Revelation 2000 years ago had no concept of an oil drilling rig as he saw the vision, and with the language of the Time it seems logical and reasonable he would describe what he saw as a great mountain burning with fire falling into the sea. He would not have been aware of the detergents that turned the black oil red so it would appear as blood to him.

The Deepwater Horizon oil rig was the site of one of the worst environmental disasters in US history. In a detailed assessment of the oil spill, researchers led by a team from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) have determined that the blown-out Macondo well spewed oil at a rate of about 57,000 barrels a day, totaling nearly 5 million barrels of oil released from the well between April 20 and July 15, 2010, when the leak was capped. In addition, the well released some 100 million standard cubic feet per day of natural gas.

A new study of dolphins living close to the site the BP Deepwater Horizon catastrophe two years ago – has established serious health problems afflicting the marine mammals. The report, commissioned by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration [NOAA], found that many of the 32 dolphins studied were underweight, anaemic and suffering from lung and liver disease, while nearly half had low levels of a hormone that helps the mammals deal with stress as well as regulating their metabolism and immune systems.

And the nations were angry, and your wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that you should give reward to your servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear your name, small and great; and should destroy them which destroy the earth

Revelation 11:18

Therefore rejoice, you heavens, and you that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabitants of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knows that he has but a short time.

Revelation 12:12

Everyone can see the Nations are angry and getting angrier, but WHICH WRATH IS WHICH?


The following was sent to the top Public Officials of CanaDa

From: Ray Cormier
Sent: July-13-12 6:46:23 PM

Your Excellency, Honourable Members,

As the Chief Stewards of CanaDa, it falls within your responsibilities and influence to be aware of the Prophetic information in my latest article: REVELATION: GLOBAL WARMING – FACT OR FICTION? TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES? The Revelation is being revealed Day by Day.

With the Global economy teetering on the verge of toppling over like the inverse pyramid in the Star of David, and the possibility of WWIII/Armageddon starting in the Middle East being revealed Day by Day, Christ will come as a thief in the night just when the people least expect it as indicated in Revelation 16.

While the devil and his earthly agents want to see Armageddon come, Revelation 16 clearly indicates it is not God leading the world to that catastrophic event, but the Pride of Power.

Peace Ray Joseph Cormier

CanaDa’s current Minister of the Environment, the former news reporter Peter Kent, seems to have forgotten this report he made for the CBC in 1984.

The greenhouse effect and planet Earth

Scientist Anthony Leiserowitz, director of the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication, joins Bill Moyers to describe his efforts to do what even Hurricane Sandy couldn’t — galvanize communities over what’s arguably the greatest single threat facing humanity. Leiserowitz, who specializes in the psychology of risk perception, knows better than anyone if people are willing to change their behavior to make a difference.

 Noah 2015


The Rainbow Family Festival being over, I left the meeting from the other end of the Canyon with one of the six adults from Venice Beach.

It was a very hot day, with the most expansive big sky I had ever seen, true to Montana´s reputation. The sky was the bluest of the blue, with cream puff, cotton candy clouds.

My friend and I were hitch hiking on a deserted back road, sweltering in the hot sun. Finally, a 1946 Ford truck with a flatbed stopped to pick us up. The cab was only big enough for the driver and his friend, and there were four people sitting on the flatbed, everyone coming from the Festival.

It was an idyllic drive through the countryside over the greenest gentle rolling hills as cattle and sheep grazed in the fields. We arrived at a small hamlet called Rolling Rock. The population couldn´t have been more than 150, with a one gas pump Station and a General Store across the one road through the village.

Except for the driver, who had only enough money to get home, we were broke. As the gas was being pumped, looking at the General Store across  the road, someone said, if only we had some beer for relief from this hot sun.

Thinking this was a good idea, I prayed/thought to God, ´Lord it is very hot. Maybe I could go to that General Store and trade some beads for beer. Manhatten was traded for beads.´

Entering the store, there were three elderly ladies in conversation and speaking to the lady behind the counter I said, ¨Ladies, God has made us a great day Today. My friends and I were at a Festival but unfortunately, we have only enough money for gas to get home. It is very hot, and some beer would be a relief.

In my back pack I have some beads, exotic stones and other good things with which you can make a peace offering to a mother, father, brother, sister, son, daughter, friend, lover or enemy. I´m willing to trade as many items as you think 8 beers are worth.¨

The ladies went through the items in my pack, almost like in a trance, as they marvelled at the things that were in there. The owner broke out of the trance and said, ¨Never mind the beads, take the beer.¨ Profuse in my blessings, everyone on the truck was happy as I returned with 1 beer each.

The problem with people is when they get what they want, they want more or something else. Someone said, ¨Now if only we had a toke.¨

At this point a young cowboy arrived at the truck asking if we were at the Rainbow Family Festival? He was wearing a real nicely shaped cowboy hat. Seeing the signs were good, I thought I could push the envelope a little further and said, ¨Brother. God has made us a great day Today, and it would be wonderful if we had some of God´s fine herb to make it even better.

In my back pack I have some beads, exotic stones and other good things with which you can make a peace offering to a mother, father, brother, sister, son, daughter, friend, lover or enemy. Do you know anyone  that might want to trade some of these fine items for some of God´s fine herb?¨

The young fellow went through my back pack seemingly in the same trance as the ladies. Breaking off, he removed his cowboy hat. In the rim of his hat were 6 Thai Sticks and giving us one said, ¨Enjoy this.¨

I will never forget those 15 minutes one Day of the Life in Rolling Rock, Montana on The Way to Kansas City.


As a Canadian, I had already been searching for the American Spirit of ´76 for 10 months. While staying in Venice Beach, California, some people convinced me I had to go with them to a Rainbow Family Festival on the 4th of July in the mountains of Big Sky Country, Montana.

There were six adults with two children on our laps as we headed North to the Canadian border and then East to Montana in an old car. Unfortunately, the transmission failed within 300 miles of leaving, and it took all the money we had to get it fixed. There was still 1000 miles to go.

Fortunately for us, we met Angels along the way who put gas in the tank and fed us. We arrived at the gathering spot late at night July 3rd. The actual meeting site was a hike of several miles deep into the canyon.

The next day, July 4th, we started the trek on a narrow trail along a steep canyon. On leaving Venice, a Southern Belle I met dumped the contents of a big basket into the bottom half of my back pack and by the weight of it, Marines don´t carry such a heavy load on their back. I had no idea what was in it.

Arriving at a wide clearance in the canyon, it was almost like arriving at the Sermon on the Mount. There may have been 3000 people there from all over the U.S. attentively listening to whoever held the Council Stick. Different people had different messages to share, but as a Canadian attending my 1st July 4th celebration, I was moved to contribute.

Lifting up the Council Stick and my own stick which I still have to this Day, over my head, I said, ¨In one hand I hold the Council Stick and in the other hand another stick.¨ On saying this, I was surprised and filled with wonder as a person in the 1st circle around me said to another, ¨He has the stick of Judah and the stick of Joseph¨ described in Ezekiel 37. Like many other words laid on my ears by others over the years, I could only lay them up in my heart and patiently wait and see what God has planned?

I continued, ¨As I traveled through this great land meeting many good people everywhere I went, I received a vision for America. I watched as the world turned. The Nations and the peoples were marked according to their borders. The whole planet was in tones of grey, white and black with no colour anywhere in the earth.

After several revolutions, I saw the United States of America come up on the horizon covered with the colours of the Old Glory, the only Nation with colour. Again I watched as the world turned. Again, after several revolutions, the United States of America came up over the horizon.

As it passed, from the United States shot up fireworks, confetti and party streamers as the American People shouted with one joyous voice, Surprise World! After a time, the whole earth was covered with the colours of the New Glory.¨

As the people came down from the mountain, I had leaned my back pack against a fallen dead tree and said, ¨ Happy Birthday America. In my back pack I have some beads, exotic stones and other good things with which you can make a peace offering to a mother, father, brother, sister, son, daughter, friend, lover or enemy. Take only what you need and don´t be greedy. There is enough for all.¨

A crowd about 25 people deep gathered around but only the few at the front could search through the many wonderful things the woman dumped in my pack.

After everyone got something, it seemed there was still half left that I gave away or traded for goods and services on The Way to Kansas City.

For our future common good, I hope this vision comes into reality.

Happy Birthday to our American friends and neighbours!